Osteopath, Chiropractic, Physio Therapists 

North Island

Animal Osteopath Chiropractor Horses Dogs Wairarapa Wellington

Juli Walters from Animals Back in Action is a fully qualified McTimoney Animal Manipulation, Equine Sports Massage practitioner and provides laser therapy,


Based in the Wairarapa as well as doing home visits throughout the North Island Julie has clinics in Masterton and Wellington. 


juli.walters@animalsbackinaction.co.nz | ✆ 0221910012 or 06 3727828

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Animal Osteopath Chiropractor Horses Dogs Manawatu Hawkes Bay Taranaki

Fenella Grigsby runs clinics in Manawatu, Horowhenua, Wellington, Wanganui, Taranaki & Hawkes Bay.  Provides a variety of services such as massage, laser therapies, joint adjustment etc.  Customized fitness, maintenance, rehabilitation programs and post-treatment exercise routines

via website | ✆ 021 0483 432 | http://www.animalchiropractic.co.nz

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Animal Osteopath Chiropractor Horses Dogs Warkworth

Mandy Moon is a Canine and Equine Osteopath.  Mandy treats Horses at Warkworth Natural Therapies's own Equine facility on Kaipara Flats or in their own paddock.


Based in the Warkworth area (north of Auckland). 


 ✆ 021 0742057| http://www.wnt.co.nz/portfolio-item/mandy-moon

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Animal Chiropractor Auckland

Jo Bentley is an animal chiropractor who works to Improve your animal's health and movements by ensuring optimal functioning of their musculoskeletal and nervous systems.


Jo Bentley treats animals at the Southern K9 Therapy Centre in Dury, Auckland


✆ 022 3904661

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Animal Chiropractor Horses Dogs Bay of Plenty Rotorua

Equinox Animal Chiropractic helps animals from big to small, performance animals to pets. They offer a range of techniques to help your animal.  As well as manual and instrument adjusting techniques, they offer CMRT and acupressure release.


Based in Rotorua


kirsten@equinoxchiropractic.co.nz | ✆ 021 674 552 | https://www.equinoxchiropractic.co.nz

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Kirstin Gollen has completed a Masters degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy at the Royal Veterinary College, London


AnimalFisio specialises in the treatment of muscular, skeletal and neurological injuries to animals throughout the Waikato

kirstin@animalfisio.co.nz | ✆ 027 3921 232| http://animalfisio.co.nz/

Debbie Prattley is an animal chiropractor and acupuncturist.  Debbie mainly treats horses but also treat dogs and cats


She regularly travels throughout the lower North Island.

debprattley@hotmail.com | ✆ 027 3838 728 | http://www.acuvet.co.nz

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South Island

Animal Osteopath Chiropractor Horses Dogs Canterbury

Monique Koning of Mobile Petcare provides the following services: chiropractic, acupuncture and low-level laser therapy (LLLT).



Based in the Canterbury area. 


mobilevetnz@gmail.com | ✆ 022 4 838007| http://www.mobilevetcare.nz

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