North Island

Animal Homeopath Horses Dogs Cats Wellington

Briar Carter from Peticare Animal Homeopath has with worked animals for the past 20 years, particularly within the horse industry.  Briar treats all household pets, cats, dogs, birds, horses and farm animals.


Based in Wellington


peticare@outlook.com | ✆ 027 366 3273 | www.peticareanimalhomeopathy.com 

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Animal Homeopath Horses Dogs Cats Kaitaia

Paulette Carpenter is an Animal Homeopath and Herbalist with an extensive background in helping cats, dogs and horses and dairy cows.  As well as doing consultations Paulette makes and supplies the Tagiwig range for cats and dogs, the Eponacare range for horses and Agripathics for farm animals.


Based in Takahue just outside of Kaitaia.  Available online or through stockists


 ✆ 0508 466 367 | www.naturalpet.co.nz

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Animal Homeopath Horses Dogs Cats Warkworth

Lynn Millett is an Animal Homeopath who works out of Warkworth Natural Therapies


Based in the Warkworth area (north of Auckland). 


 lynn.millett2017@gmail.com |✆ 021 579 398| http://www.wnt.co.nz/portfolio-item/lynn-millett

Animal Homeopath Tauranga

Hannelore Kemme is an Animal Homeopath and Bowen Therapist offering natural and supportive treatments for your animals.


Based in Tauranga 


 Hannelore@nahs.co.nz |✆ 021 494 898| https://naturalanimalhealthsupport.co.nz

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Animal Homeopath Whangarei

Kirstin Evans works with animals and people.  Kirstin has been a homeopath since 2010


Based in Whangarei


 via website |✆ 027 589 8770| http://www.kirstenthehomeopath.nz

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Animal homeopath Pukekohe Auckland

Katrina Lund-Tangye is an animal homeopath based in Pukekohe


 katrina@animalhomeopath.co.nz |✆ 021 248 6156| https://animalhomeopath.wordpress.com

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