Wet Pet Food

Natural Dried Wet Canned Dog Cat Food New Zealand

Ziwi Peak supply air dried, moist/canned dog and cat food. Their products have over 96% fresh meat, organs, seafood and bone with the remaining 4% consisting of essential vitamins and minerals, natural kelp, parsley, chicory inulin & lecithin. Ziwi Peak also makes treats and chews for dogs.


Located in Mount Maunganui. Available through stockists around New Zealand


✉ via website| ✆ 07 575 2426 | https://www.ziwipets.com

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Dog Roll New Zealand Canerbury

Essentials dog roll has no fillers, is made from the highest quality, natural products and is scientifically formulated to create a nutritionally complete pet food for dogs and puppies.


Available online or through stockists around Canterbury


✉ phanley@xtra.co.nz| ✆ 0800 426 539 | https://www.animalessentials.co.nz

Wet Dog Roll Food New Zealand

Mighty Mix's Frozen Concentrate does not go through a cooking process so the nutrients are sealed fresh when frozen.  They also make a dog roll and biscuits


Available through distributors to your door


✉ admin@mightymix.co.nz| ✆ 0800 644 489 | https://mightymix.co.nz

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